Connecting underprivileged children to the world…

Teach the World is honored to partner with The Citizens Foundation (TCF) on a joint pilot with 131 kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade school children, at a TCF school in Karachi, Pakistan. We teach English to kindergarten through 2nd grade students. This highly marketable skill has the potential to open up a world of opportunity to students. However, there is a shortage of English teachers in the area; those who do have some fluency in English are often drawn to higher-paying jobs outside of the field of education. Without exposure to native or fluent English speakers, it is difficult for students to learn how to speak English in a way that aids comprehension. Our pilot project with TCF is the first step to empowering these children to, one day, serve as the connectors between their communities and the world.







TCF has built and operates 1,441 purpose-built schools, providing quality education to 204,000 underprivileged children. The schools are built in the heart of slums and rural communities to educate children with limited access to advancement. In addition to schools for children, TCF also provides adult literacy education and vocational training, and installs water purification plants to bring clean water to communities.