Opening up a world of learning for refugee children…

We are honored to work with our partner organization, OBAT Helpers, to bring digital learning to displaced children in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Together, we have been able to expand the educational opportunities available for children whose families have lived in a refugee camp for generations. Our digital learning program currently brings Math, English and Bangla to 140+ pre-school and working children. We plan to expand the program to serve 300+ students in 2019.






OBAT Helpers

Since the 1971 civil war between East and West Pakistan that gave rise to the independent nation of Bangladesh, 300,000 stranded Pakistanis have survived as a forgotten population in refugee camps around the country. Even 45 years after the end of the war, these families still live in harsh conditions in slums and makeshift camps. Half are children under the age of 15. Less than 10% of these children have the opportunity to gain an education and move out of poverty. Many of the older children have to work in menial jobs, in order to help their families.

OBAT is on the ground at multiple refugee camps in Bangladesh, providing medical clinics, micro-lending programs, schools and job-training opportunities.